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Compare Open Cell & Closed Cell

Spray Foam Insulation


Open-cell spray foam applied to the interior provides performance advantages that differ from the advantages of closed-cell spray foam used on the exterior. Both insulations can be used effectively in commercial building designs to achieve energy efficiency and consistent performance.



Closed-Cell Spray Foam Exterior  Applications

·       Can be applied at low temperatures (as low as 5oF)

·       Adds wall racking strength as well as impact resistance

·       Ideal for continuous insulation solutions

·       Higher R-value* per inch– easier to accommodate high R-value* requirements in narrow spaces

·       Lower vapor permeance (can be a Class II VDR)

·       Can reject bulk water (ideal for flood zones)

·       Higher tensile and bond strength


Open-Cell Spray Foam Interior Applications

·       Can be installed at a significantly lower cost and target the same specified R-value*

·       Can achieve greater R-value* (if not restricted by space)

·       Lower raw material/resource use

·       Permits bi-directional dryings

·       Will accommodate long-term creep and seasonal movement

·       Hydrophobic material

·       Air barrier and insulating material

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